1€/First year

36,90€ renewal price from the second year. Prices with VAT included

  • GPS position recorded every 15 minutes*
  • If the device is forced or the disconnection alarm is triggered > accelerated position sending**.
  • The user will be able to organize the data to be displayed on the screen:
  • Access yes/no : Indicates if the accesses will be included in the list to be shown.
  • Gps yes/no : Indicates whether GPS positions will be included in the list to be displayed.
  • Path yes/no : Indicates whether there will be a line joining the points to be displayed in chronological order.
  • Date : Date from which the collected data will be displayed.

* If the position is successfully registered, it is sent to the server. In addition to the normal GPS positions, accesses are also sent, and these are saved. It is possible to see the coordinates of the access on the map.

** Accelerated position submission 1´-1´-1´-1´-1´-3´-3´-3´-3´-3´-5´-5´-5´-5´ (15 positions in 35 minutes) and then resubmit positions each 15´.